You are not only responsible for what you say, but also for what you do not say” Priest Martin Luther

Please share and make viral

I pray to the Lord my God that the information I share will serve in causing a failure of the plans of the satanic worshipping Rulers of the World; the luciferian vatican cabal.

I pray that no matter how people pray , the good intent of their hearts can be used and taken as prayer to aid the bringing forth of Mighty angels to stand in guard of all portals ; to be armed to fight this mighty battle in the sprit realms.
People need to know the truth of what is happening in these times.
I have written some of my knowledge but not all. I feel I should share this knowledge I have been given as to not do so would be morally wrong of me, consider my position to speak out and be heard, void of responsibility to family, as the children I raised and protected have been removed.

I trust through you that this info can be spread to the four corners of the earth; weakening the plans of Lucifer and his followers and so I am utilizing the sources available to me to share this knowledge.


the plans are these:-

On Dec. 21, 2012, a ritual is to be performed on the land of one of the oldest SRA families land and vineyard, in South America, This town, is a portal, to demons of the family of Nephilim.

Also, as one approaches the southernmost coast of Chile, they will be travelling on a path that will take them closer to Antarctica, and huge cloning and experimental hidden facilities.

Experiments in genetics is not new, there are facilities around the globe, but this one so far south, it is huge, and terrifying. Once these demons are unleashed, it will bring a terrible plague type atmosphere, and life as we knew it will now be infested with the ancient Mayan, and Egyptian gods/demons, although not all are able to manifest in a body in this dimension.

For further information on the meaning of all this visit the page entitled ‘Are the Aliens coming‘ in the section 6 , ‘the Matrix and beyond’.

Please people I ask that you pray for all attempts to bring these entities in fail.
Please share this prayer I have made. Thank you and please share.